"AJI Legal made a stressful and complicated process simple and efficient. I was so impressed with how prompt AJI was and how determined they were to have my visa approved. It was clear that AJI wasn't there just to file my application, but to use all their resources to enhance it. With their impeccable work ethic and collaborative approach I was so comfortable knowing my application was going to be the strongest it could be!" Alistair C (Australian actor)



"I originally entered the USA on an O1 visa and used a different law firm. Although they eventually got my case approved, they were bad at replying, I did all the work and they took over a year to approve my case. Alex was the exact opposite of this experience and I am extremely happy I chose to do my case with AJI. He was fast, professional and efficient. In the end, my Green Card case was approved in under 3 months after our first meeting! I am incredibly grateful and happy that I worked with AJI Legal. Thank you for everything Alex! All foreign creatives should speak with him if they're interested in working in the American entertainment industry.”



"After compiling my case for my Green Card my lawyers realised the press I currently had was not strong enough to guarantee its success. My lawyers did not help me seek any help and advised I seek other alternatives ie: O1. By chance, I was introduced to Alex by a very excited and satisfied past client of his. Within days Alex had researched all my material and suggested three very different but strong press articles he could write and with his PR connections have them published within a couple of weeks. I am now back in the running to secure my green card thanks to Alex and his incredibly fast turnaround, detailed and perfectly composed articles for the nature of my case. If I had known of Alex's business before retaining another lawyer, I honestly wish I took my entire case to AJI."



"I had already engaged another lawyer to process my O1 before hearing wonderful things about AJI Legal and the company’s owner Alex. Midway through my case preparation I was advised to add to my press kit, and AJI’s consultation services truly took my application to the next level. Without Alex's publicity guidance and PR contacts my O1 wouldn’t have been approved so quickly. Alex was also great with guiding me through the visa’s film contract requirements, and answered questions about my meeting with the consulate. I have and will recommend AJI to anyone seeking an O1."



"I came to Alex needing visa advice for the US. I had spoken to many top immigration lawyers and was really struggling to get a straight answer out of them. Alex was honest and very forthcoming with his information. With his help I was able to make an informed decision about how best to move forward with my case. Alex is extremely efficient and detailed and I am so incredibly grateful I was recommended his services. I have referred and will continue to refer others to him."



“AJI Legal offered me the attention and guidance I needed and ultimately got my Green Card petition approved. The personalized case preparation I received was amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a more qualified or attentive Green Card service.”